Holiday Diary: Portugal

Last year, Connor (my fiance) and I went on holiday to Albufeira, Portugal. We had the most amazing week in the sun and such a great experience that we decided to go back again this year. We booked the same apartment and got a fantastic package deal with flights and transfers included.


We arrived on Sunday 8th May around 12pm and after the hour drive from the airport, we checked into our room which had a stunning view of the pool and the surrounding towns. We took a walk into the nearest town, Olhos D’agua and went for a meal in a lovely little Italian restaurant that we had visited previously. We had some drinks and then went to the shops to get food for the apartment as we were self-catering.


We took took a bus into the centre of Albufeira. The apartments provided a complimentary, free bus service to the surrounding areas which was fantastic! We had a look around the market stalls and I got some henna done on my hand which looked brilliant but actually only lasted 2 days! We ate lots of good food and walked around the town. We went to a little shop that I totally fell in love with last time I was there. It was called Chic and Zen and had lots of Buddha’s, incense, clothes, notebooks etc. Definitely my kind of shop! I bought a really beautiful scroll for above my altar.

Day 3

We took a walk into Olhos D’agua along a back road which had stunning views! It was a beautiful sunny day and we got some shopping at the supermarket before walking back to the apartment where we spent the afternoon on the balcony and then playing tennis.


We walked into the new town of Albufeira and went to a Chinese store which has absolutely everything in it! I bought my Buddha for my altar there last year and this year I got some incense and lovely patterned trousers. We then went to a lovely Chinese restaurant for lunch and got the biggest fresh orange ever! The orange juice in Portugal is honestly the best thing I have ever tasted, they squeeze the oranges fresh and its delicious! After lunch we went for a walk along the beach before heading back to the hotel.


We lay at the pool for an hour or so and then took the bus into the Albufeira for dinner. We found a lovely restaurant where we had the most amazing pizza! Just as we sat down to eat, the rain came on so heavy so we were very luck to have missed it.


We got the bus into the Old Town again and went to the beach. It was a beautiful day and we had great fun splashing in the sea. We then went to the same restaurant as the night before and got some pizza and drinks. I got a strawberry daiquiri and Connor liked it so the barman came over with one for him on the house! The staff were all so lovely.


We went back to the beach as we enjoyed it so much the previous day! We found a little street cat who was gorgeous and made us miss our little cat even more! Connor buried me in sand and made me a stegosaurus tail. It was a fantastic last day!

We had the best holiday and it was a very much needed break!

Thanks for reading ❤

Love and Light,

Rebecca xo


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