Compare No More

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Comparing is a habit that can be extremely hard to shift. It is something I have always struggled with and I often find myself comparing the way I look to how that girl on Instagram looks or thinking thoughts like why can’t I have a body/hair/skin etc like hers? and other similar crazy thoughts. This way of thinking can create resentment, jealousy and competition. These feelings are just a way of hiding our fear. Fear that you are not good enough. Recognising this pattern of thinking is the first step toward overcoming it.


Remind yourself that there is room in this world for everyone to shine and we are all here for a reason. You might not know what that reason is just yet, but there is a job for everyone on this earth.Think of how boring it would be if were all the same? Appreciate your uniqueness, there is no one exactly like you on this earth!

Self love starts from within, so work on being the best version of you. See my post, “Be Unapologetically You” for some tips and tricks on learning to love yourself. Any time a negative or comparing thought enters your mind, say “I am enough” in your head and it will bring you back to the present moment.

I really hope this has been helpful and if this resonated with you, I would love to hear from you! I’m sorry I’ve been absent for a while…I’ve been working on my own self-love practice and I needed some time to get back into writing. Thank you for being patient with me ❤

Love and Light,

Rebecca xo


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