Give Yourself The Best Gift This Christmas:Time

So with the cold wintery days, I bet it’s not just me that wants to bundle up and get all cosy in the house rather than going out anywhere. I always find that it’s a lot harder to stay motivated to get stuff done this time of year. And I always feel guilty for wanting to laze around! But it’s totally okay to be lazy! (to some extent, you still have to get out of bed at some point…)

I absolutely love Christmas and all the festivities but the run up to it can be stressful trying to get all the presents bought and organising for family coming over while still working and keeping your house in order. But, I have some good news for you…it doesn’t have to be!

During the holiday season, there are many things you can do to de-stress and make the whole time more fun and festive! First thing you need to do is schedule in time just for you. I know you are probably thinking, how can I possibly fit in time for myself when I have so many things to do!? The thing is, if you just keep going and going without giving yourself time to refresh, you are going to burn yourself out and Christmas will not be the most magical time of the year!

Give yourself a couple of hours a day (or if you’re really really busy, then at least every couple of days) to do whatever you please. Don’t worry about what presents you still haven’t bought, what things need done around the house or what’s going on at work. Disconnect from the hectic-ness by spending time doing things you love.

Some of my favourites are:

  • Cuddling up with your favourite hot drink and a book
  • Lying on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching Christmas movies
  • Doing restorative yoga
  • Sitting in meditation twice a day for a few minutes
  • Putting on your favourite tunes and having a dance
  • Running yourself a lovely candle-lit bath

The most important thing is that you are relaxed and joyful. The holiday season is one where we want to “spread Christmas cheer!” But we can’t do that if we don’t feel cheerful ourselves! SO take care of yourself, you have permission to be “lazy”.

If you are looking for some more self-care ideas, check out my post all about self care 🙂

I hope this serves you well and you have a wonderful week full of festive fun and self-care ❤

Love and Light,

Rebecca xo

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