Be the Lighthouse.

Following recent tragic events in the world that have been brought to attention on the news, I have been thinking a lot about how important it is to continue shining light through the darkness and fear. There are acts of violence happening all around the world every single day, yet only some of them are highlighted and so it is important to practice compassion every day.

I took part in a #CompassionCircle on Periscope held by Heather Waxman and Rebekah Borucki (Bexlife). It was so powerful and I could feel the energy rise. We prayed for the world. We prayed for those suffering and we prayed for those who have lost their light. It totally inspired me to write this post as a reminder that every single person, even the ones who are committing these violent acts, have the light inside of them. They may just have forgotten it and lost their way.

These acts are scary and it is totally normal to feel fear, but we have to remember that we can shine the light. Love is so important and there is so much more love and light in this world than hate and fear.

Gabrielle Bernstein has an amazing quote, “I am not the victim, I am the lighthouse.” This does not mean you ignore how you feel and how the situation affects you, it simply means that you have the light within you to rise above.

Think about how you can be the lighthouse today and how you can help the world to become a brighter place and hopefully fear and hate will be decreased soon. It can be something as simple as praying for the world.

Love and Light to everyone in the world who may be suffering and to those who are affected by these events.

Rebecca ❤

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