How I Deal With My Anxiety

Do you ever get a tight feeling in your chest and you can’t breathe properly?

Are you stressed all the time and feel constantly on edge?

You are not alone. Anxiety is something that so many people struggle with and suffer from on a daily basis.
This is the Serenity Prayer that I use when feelings of anxiety come up for me.

My anxiety began last year due to my health. I was experiencing a bad flare up of my ulcerative colitis and under a lot of stress. I had to take a few months off from working and it totally knocked my confidence. I felt panicky any time I left the house. I could hardly walk into a shop without feeling like I was going to pass out. I found it extremely hard to breathe a lot of the time and had a constant tightness in my chest.

I eventually gave in and went to the doctors and was given anti-anxiety medication. This helped immensely. Alongside taking medication, I made sure to do yoga every day and began writing helpful quotes in a notebook that I looked at every time I felt the anxiety creeping in.

Now a year on, my anxiety is more manageable. I am no longer on my medication and have found a lot of peace from meditation. I do still have days where my anxiety levels are higher and I have panic attacks occasionally. I am not perfect and sometimes when the panic attack strikes, I can’t stop it and just have to breathe my way through it.

I actually really struggled with writing this post as I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety recently and felt a bit strange trying to give advice when I’m struggling, but I felt called to share as I know that my story can help others.

So, what is a panic attack?

A panic attack may be different for everyone but when I have a bad one it is so intense and can be terrifying. I can’t take a proper breath, my chest is tight and it can feel like I’m going to die. Seriously, it can be that bad!

The difference between high anxiety and a panic attack is that when you experience anxiety, you are able to function and carry on with your day (albeit feeling pretty crappy!) whereas during a panic attack it can be impossible to function and you can’t physically do anything.

The tools that help me deal with my anxiety are doing yoga, meditating, tapping (see The Tapping Solution), reading quotes to calm me down, focusing on my breathing and doing some colouring in to relax. I also love Rescue Remedy Spray and when I feel anxious I spray this 3 times into my mouth and it helps calm me down.

I have some meditation videos for you today that I think & hope will really help you manage your anxiety.

I also have a few yoga videos which have helped me greatly!

I really hope that these tips serve you and help you on your healing journey. However, if you are really struggling with anxiety and it is becoming too much to handle, please go and see your doctor for professional advice. These tips are not a cure for anxiety, just something to help you along your bad days. I am only able to give advice based on my experience.

Let me know if you give any of these mediations/yoga videos a go and I wish you all a beautiful stress-free day!

“Suffering is temporary, and it will get better.”

Love and Light,

Rebecca ❤


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