Create A Daily Practice That Lights You Up

How many of you commit to something but then fall by the wayside too soon?

*Raises hand*

I don’t know how many meditation experiences or yoga challenges I have signed up for only to last a week or two instead of a month! It is one of my biggest habits that I need to kick! However, since beginning my spiritual journey, I have noticed how important it is to stick with something.

How many of you check your Facebook or Instagram feed as soon as you wake up? (Guilty!) Doing so is taking up sacred time that you could be using to focus on you. A morning routine sets the tone for your whole day and so I bet if you’re endlessly scrolling, you end up stressed and frazzled before you even leave the house!

Because I work so early in the morning, I struggle to fit in some me time, even without checking social media! However, the one thing that I make sure to do before I leave the house in the morning is pick my cards for the day. This really sets the tone for my entire day and shifts my mood. I have also been trying to make time to do my Course In Miracles lesson for the day right when I wake up.

Most of my spiritual practice is done when I get home in the afternoon. I will come home from work, have some food and then get in some yoga and meditation. I will also read a spiritual book or watch some inspirational videos.

If you want to create a daily practice but, like me, struggle for time in the mornings there are still many things you can do that won’t take up too much of your time. The important thing is that it brings you joy.

Here are some suggestions of a daily practice to light you up:

  • Drink Water: Making yourself a cup of hot/cold water with a slice of lemon first thing in the morning. It is super detoxifying and will set your digestion system up for the day ahead.
  • Meditate: This can be a short time where you sit by yourself and just tune in to your body. It can be 10, 5 or 1 minute long. You can even do it before you get out of bed! Meditation can be done anywhere, any time which is what makes it so amazing. So you can even do this on your commute to work!
  • Yoga: A 3 minute cat-cow or downward facing dog can change your outlook for the day. (This is something I am definitely trying to incorporate into my morning!) If you really don’t have time in the morning for some yoga, you can fit it into your routine later on in the day.
  • Breakfast: Being mindful at breakfast time and choosing foods to fuel your body, such as porridge, fruit or a smoothie will give you your energy for the day ahead.
  • Positive Affirmations: This can be done any time during the day, but saying a positive affirmation to yourself when you wake up or are standing in front of the mirror is a brilliant way to shift your mood.  One that I love is , “I am grateful for what I have and I welcome all the gifts this day will bring.”
  • Lighting Candles: This is something that is probably best done when you come home in the evening. Light some lovely scented candles to calm you down and relax you.

So you’re probably thinking, okay great, I have these tools and ideas, now how the heck do I stick with them?!

Be Patient and Persistent.

If you do something just for the sake of it, then you’re probably not going to stick with it, right? And you will then get frustrated with yourself. But if you decide to do something because you know it will be good for you and bring you joy, then you will commit to it daily.

You must exercise patience and know that if it is meant to be, it will. Also be persistent in your practice, keep going and give it a real shot. If you realise that after a week or so, it’s not for you then scrap it and try something else.

This routine does not need to be perfect. Make it your own. There is no pressure. Play around with it until you find what feels good.

I hope this serves you well and that miracles occur for you. Remember that if you are really stuck, ask for some guidance and as always, I am here if you need anything. Let me know how this goes for you.

Love and Light,

Rebecca ❤


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