Choose Love over Fear and Life Will Flow

We all have areas of our life that ignite fear. This could be money, a career, relationships, health, body image and so on. When we feel fear in these situations, this is the ego (fear based mind or thoughts) coming out to play. The ego taps into your fear and heightens it. It is difficult when this happens to not listen to these thoughts of fear but you must try to choose again and choose love. Love is what lights you up and fills you with joy. Love makes you feel whole and powerful. Love is the answer. It’s all about shifting your perception and choosing love over fear. So the next time your ego pops up and says “You can’t do this, you’re not good enough”,“Things are never going to get better”, “You’ll never get that job or have enough money” etc, just turn the volume down!

Go within, look at the situation from a place of love and I promise you, everything will start to feel and look better. You must be willing to shift your perception for the miracle to occur. When I talk about a “miracle”, I simply mean a shift in perception from fear to love. This is what A Course In Miracles teaches. The Course says that “Love will immediately enter into the mind that truly wants it.”

This is something that I myself have been working on since I began my spiritual journey. However, it has become a daily practice for me over the past week after watching Heather Waxman’s scope about this.

For those of you who don’t know, Periscope is the new best thing! It is a social networking app you can get on your phone and you can connect with people all over the world through scoping (live-streaming). I have been obsessed with watching lots of spiritual teachers on there like Cassandra BodzakHeather Waxman, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jordan Bach (my new fave!) and more.

Anyway, so I watched a scope by Heather Waxman where she was talking about A Course In Miracles and about shifting your perception. In the scope, she talked about how fear is brought about by a past condition. So if you had a negative experience in the past that brought you fear, then that fear will stay with you. You have to look within and ask for help to heal that thought. Ask your inner guide for help.

For instance, for me what has been coming up this week is fear about my health as I have been struggling with stomach pains again. Now instantly, my first reaction whenever the pain shows up is fear. My mind goes into overdrive and I start to think negatively. When I heard that fear comes from a past experience, it really gave me a way to look at the situation differently. The reason I was having fear based thoughts was because I was afraid of the pains getting so bad that I would be really ill again and my remission that I had worked hard to achieve would be out the window! However, when I shift my perception from fear to love, I am able to see that, even though I’m in pain and it is scary, I am okay and my body is just trying to tell me something is not quite right and it needs some love. So now whenever I get a niggle of pain, I just close my eyes and ask my inner guide for some help on working through it. I have started doing this through sitting in meditation. Now this is a work in progress for me and it is not going to be an overnight thing for you either where any time fear shows up you can instantly shift to love. It will take time, practice and a lot of patience. But you must be willing to choose again.

A quote from the Course says, “When you choose to get out of darkness of denial into light of honesty, that’s when shifting occurs.”

I hope this post serves you well and that you will begin to be more mindful of choosing love over fear.

If you have any questions on this topic, send me an email at or go to my contacts page and ask there. I’m happy to help!

Love and light to you all,

Rebecca ❤

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