Find What Feels Good!

 This here is my usual yoga set up. Although it can change often with a different mat, candles etc, this is where I come for some “me time.” As I have mentioned in my one of my earlier posts, yoga has been the one thing that has really grounded me and helped me in dealing with my chronic illness (Ulcerative Colitis).

I began my practice when I found Yoga With Adriene. She has amazing videos for beginners and if you are thinking about looking into starting your own home yoga practice, I highly recommend you check ’em out!

I have been on my yoga journey for over a year now and I must say I have grown so much in my practice and gained a lot more confidence doing the more challenging poses. I am not a complete yogi yet in the sense of knowing the correct asanas or pose names. I just show up to my mat and Find What Feels Good. 

Find What Feels Good is Adriene’s motto and it is the best motto out there in my opinion! The thing with yoga is that you don’t need to be perfect and be able to do all the fancy poses that you see all over Instagram. If it feels good to you, then you’re doing it right!

I came back to my practice today after a long few weeks with only a couple of yoga practices going on in that time. I really don’t know what was going on for me or why I was being blocked but I had no desire to get on my mat! This is so not like me as I love yoga! So I pushed myself today to get on my mat even though I felt awful this morning. I had a really horrible night’s sleep as I was kept awake by my stomach pains and really did not feel much better when I eventually got out of bed.

But I knew that there was a specific video that could help me and maybe help my stomach and digestion. SarahBethYoga’s Ulcerative Colitis video. It is only 12 minutes long and so restorative. Within the first couple of minutes of breathing deeply and surrendering to the practice, my pains had lessened slighlty and by the time I was finished the video they were almost gone! I still didn’t feel amazing but I at least felt strong enough to do another yoga video.

My hour long yoga practice today totally reminded me of the love I have for my mat! I am making myself a promise to commit to yoga again and hopefully get back into my daily practice.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that Yoga has:

  • reduces stress
  • relaxation
  • strengthens muscles
  • helps you focus on your breathing
  • pain relief
  • healthy digestion
  • increases flexibility
  • builds core strength
  • reduces anxiety
  • better posture
  • eliminates toxins

Yoga is for everyone…Even Cats!


Hope you all have a wonderful evening and I hope this inspires you to give yoga a go! And remember Find What Feels Good!

Namaste ❤

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